Vacuum Infusion

A vacuum is drawn over a beaker of sliced cucumber covered in a clear dressing. The cucumber outgases, making bubbles. When the atmosphere is readmitted, the dressing is forced into the cucumber, rendering it translucent and seasoned. 

A polycarbonate bell jar with a volume of about three liters is centered on the base, with attention to the seal. The vacuum pump tube ID is the same as the outlet tube OD, so attach by hand. Vacuum release by sliding the vinyl tube off of the outlet. 

The vacuum pump is the oil-less variety, and is not bothered by water. The pump is good to about 7 Torr, not even a vacuum according to some, but it does for this demo.

Hold the vacuum until the cucumber stops bubbling.  Turn off the pump. Pull the tube off the outlet. Remove the bell jar and take the newly infused cucumber, put it next to some untreated pieces to compare. A video camera here is a good idea.