Key to Catalog Listings

Each demo is listed in a quick reference format, followed by a link to an in-depth description. The quick reference section is a deliberately light diet of information. It allows you to scan rapidly through a topic area, picking-out demos that tie-in with your needs. Basically, you will find a demonstration's name and a brief one-sentence description, as well as code letters that indicate the size, setup time, and overall rating of the demo. 

Size is indicated by [S], [M], [L], [XL]. 
[S] suggests a benchtop piece that will probably need an audio/visual aid to be seen by the audience. 
[M] will sit on a bench or a cart and will be fairly clear to the audience by itself. 
[L] will occupy a fair amount of floor space, so sheer bulk should be taken into consideration. 
[XL] will take up most of the hall. 

Setup Time is indicated by [t], [t+], [t++]. 
Note: Even though a demo is listed as [t+], if it is to be accompanied by three other [t+] demos, the time may well be cumulative. Also, the apparatus for even a [t] demo may not be immediately available if it is already in use! A few days notice helps avoid such conflicts. 
[t] can be put up immediately (under 10 min). 
[t+] takes about 10-15 miutes to set up. 
[t++] requires more than 15 minutes or more and can be awkward if your class immediately follows another. 

Rating is indicated by the number of ★'s (from one ★ to four ★★★★). 
Note: Unlike restaurant ratings, a single ★ does not mean poor! Poor or flawed demos should simply not be done, and we do not bother to list them for that reason. Also, any demo rated with three ★★★ or four ★★★★ is highly recommended and considered "a must" if it fits your lecture topic. 
[★]: good 
[★★]: really good 
[★★★]: great 
[★★★★]: wow! 
[—]: not rated, in-depth description is not yet written up, at which time the demo receives a rating 

Frequently Used Abbreviations 
CRO: Cathode Ray Oscilliscope 
OHP: Overhead Projector or "Viewgraph" 
SHM: Simple Harmonic Motion 
SHO: Simple Harmonic Oscillator 

An Example 
[S | t+ | ★★★] [Thermal Physics, Low Temperature Phenomena] 
Meissner Effect suspension of magnet above supersonducting disc. 
[In-Depth Description
Explanations: Superconductivity is a small demo that requires a close-up camera and TV projection. It takes around 10-15 minutes to set up. We think it's a great demo. The experiment is also cross-listed in Thermal Physics, Low Temperature Phenomena. More detailed descriptions are available via the link at the end of the catalog listing. 

The In-Depth Section 
The In-Depth section includes details on what the demo shows, how it works, and (for the demonstrator) how to set it up. We conclude each write-up with comments, which may include relevant references, videos, film loops, computer software, and a rating. 
Note: The In-Depth section is forever in progress and is about 41% complete. The final version will be cross-referenced to the PIRA classification scheme. Appendices are also being added. They include a Tools of the Trade section and an annotated bibliography for further reference.