Angular Momentum

Three Dumbbells

[L | t | ★★★]
Lecturer rotates on turntable whilst holding two dumbbells.

[In-Depth Description]


[M | t | ★★]
Ball on string orbits with increasing speed as string is shortened.

[In-Depth Description]

Coffee Mug on a String

[M | t |★★★]
Drop your favorite mug and have it saved in the nick of time by an orbiting pen.

[In-Depth Description]

Flyball Governor

[M | t | —]
Rotating balls change speed as radius of rotation is changed.

[In-Depth Description]

Train on Circular Track

[M | t | ★]
Vector representation of position, velocity, and acceleration.

[In-Depth Description]

Tail Wags Dog

[M | t | —]
Lecturer tries to swing baseball bat while standing on turntable.

[In-Depth Description]

Child's Top

[M | t | —]
A stage prop to be used in discussion of angular momentum.

Maxwell's Top

[S | t | —]
A top whose pivot coincides with its center of gravity so that there are no gravitational torques.


[S | t | —]
Small gyroscope used primarily as a stage prop in discussion.

[In-Depth Description]

Counter-balanced Gyro

[M | t | —]
Gyro (mounted in gimbal) with movable weight to balance the top or to apply torque to cause precession.

Bicycle Wheel Gyro

[L | t | —]
Same as counter-balanced gyro but physically large.

Angular Momentum Bicycle Wheel

[M/L | t | —]
Hand-held version to be used with turntable for addition/subtraction of angular momentum; can also be suspended by handle from a rope for precession.

Ship Stabilizer Gyro

[M | t | —]
Side to side rocking of a model boat is damped by a gyro.

Suitcase Gyro

[M | t | —]
A motor driven gyro hidden in a suitcase gives surprising results when the suitcase is moved.

[In-Depth Description]

Dueling Gyros

[M | t | —]
Two motor driven gyros turn in the opposite or same direction to add or cancel angular momenta.

Air Gyro

[M | t+ | —]
Air supported ball shows all the salient features of gyroscopic motion.

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