Structure of the Earth

Earth Globes

[M | t | —]
α Geopolitical and sectioned Globes.

Mercator Projection

[M | t++ | ★★]
A map projection in which the meridians and parallels of latitude appear as lines crossing at right angles and in which areas appear greater farther from the equator.

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Rock Samples

[S | t | ★★]
Selection of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

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Crystal Models

[S/M | t | —]
All the classics.

Topological Map of Oceans

[L | t | —]
1m x 2m Mercator projection with ocean floor detail.

Seismic Wave Refraction

[M | t++ | ★★★] 
Total internal refraction of laser beam through sugar solution with refractive index gradient; representative of seismic waves through Earth's mantle.

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Earth's Magnetic Field

[S | t | ★★] 
OHP representation of lines of force using bar magnet and iron filings.

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Centrifugal Eggbeater

[M | t | ★★★]
Spinning frame that demonstrates equatorial bulge (oblateness).

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Coriolis Effect

[XL | t+ | ★★★] 
As demonstrated by two people throwing a volleyball to each other while sitting on rotating platform.

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