Astrophysical Principles - Radiation

Inverse Square Law

[XL | t+++ | —]
Large climbing frame shaped to show inverse square relation of light intensity (smaller version also available).

Tower of Spectra

[M | t | — ]
Assembly of three gas discharge tubes and white light source for spectral analysis with diffraction gratings.
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Sodium Absorption

[L | t+ | ★★★ ]
Burning of sodium bicarbonate in Bunsen flame produces sodium absorption lines in continuous spectrum.
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Boltzmann Distribution

[M | t+ | —]
Mechanical analog of energy level populations which models a gas at essentially any temperature.

Collisional Broadening

[L |t+ | ★★★]
Na D-doublet absorption lines broaden into one large absorption band due to increase in pressure/temperature.
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Spectrum Piano

[L | t | ★★★]
The visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum is represented by less than an octave of the keys; UV, IR, and microwaves are also indicated.
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Relativity Train

[XL |t++ | ★★★★]
Demonstration of time dilation and length contraction gedanken experiment using a train on a track.
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Bouncing Photon

[XL | t++ | —]
A photon (modeled by a bouncing ping-pong ball) is observed from two reference frames and provides the motivation for time dilation.
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Doppler Ball

[S | t | ★★★]
Plastic Wiffle Ball with built-in shriek to throw past (or at) your audience.
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Doppler Turntable

[L | t+ | ★★]
Two speakers, one at each end of rotating platform; beating due to frequency shift of speakers travelling in opposite directions.
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Doppler Whirler

[M | t | ★★★]
A high-pitched alarm on the end of a rope is whirled about the head.
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Doppler Tuning Forks

[M | t | ★★]
Run towards the blackboard carrying a tuning fork...
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Doppler Effect

[L | t+ | —]
Listen to the doppler shift of light as a moving mirror reflects laser light onto a photodetector.

Elastic Light

[M | t | ★★]
Wave drawn on elastic sheet shows redshift due to expansion of space.
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