Surface Tension

Double Bubble

[S | t+ | ★★★]
Double your pleasure with this puzzler: small bubble blows up large one.

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Soap Film and String

[S | t+ | —]
A loop of string floating on a soap film is pulled into a perfect circle by surface tension.

Capillary Action

[S | t+ | ★★]
Array of capillary tubes of different bore diameters.

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Minimal Surfaces

[S | t+ | —]
Soap films on wire frames.

Molecular Size

[M | t++ | —]
Molecular size is determined by means of a Langmuir trough.

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Holy Boat

[M | t | —]
An open mesh plastic fruit container easily floats on top of water.

Water Drops

[S | t++ | —]
Smaller drops are more spherical. Water drops on Teflon are more spherical, but try adding some soap!