Geometrical Optics; Light Rays and Reflections

Ray Vector Block

[S | t | —]
A model of the incident and reflected rays w.r.t. the normal.

Blackboard Optics

[L | t | ★★★]
Mobile ray-tracing kit to demonstrate basic geometrical optics.

[In-Depth Description]

Optics Disk

[M | t | ★★★]
Angles of incidence, reflection, and refraction clearly demonstrated.

[In-Depth Description]

Electronic Pinhole Camera

[M | t+ | ★★★]
TV camera with lens replaced by pinhole in foil.

[In-Depth Description]

Inverse Pinhole Camera

[L | t++ | —]
A pinhole "projector" to demonstrate various aspects of image formation.

Inverse Square Law

[M | t+ | —]
Use a photographic light meter to show inverse square relation of light intensity (larger version also available).

[In-Depth Description]

Hero's Shortest Path

[M | t+ | ★★]
A string and pulley model to demonstrate Hero's explanation of why the angles of reflection and incidence are equal.

[In-Depth Description]

Glass Transmission/Reflection

[S | t++ | —]
Glass Transmission/Reflection. Show the percentage of transmitted and reflected light.

Pepper's Ghost

[M | t+ | ★★★]
Recreate Prof John Pepper's 1863 illusion that even had Michael Faraday baffled.

Spherical Mirror Imaging

[L | t++ | —]
Produce real and virtual images with a large mirror.

[In-Depth Description]

Mirage Mirror

[S | t+ | —]
Dual spherical mirrors produce a mirage.

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