Strength of Materials and Properties of Matter


[M | t+ | —]
Rubber sheet model.


[S/M | t | —]
Rubber tube and wooden slat models are twisted.

Spiral Fracture

[M | t | ★★★]
Realistic leg-in-ski-boot accident.

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[M | t | —]
Wooden slat is compression loaded to buckling point.

Paper Rod vs Tube Strength

[S | t | — ]

Coke Can Strength

[M | t | —]
An empty Coke can can support the weight of a person standing on it, notwithstanding that the walls of aluminum are only a couple of thousandths of an inch thick. But it buckles readily!!

Egg Shell Strength

[L | t++ | ★★★]
Eggs have a reputation for being quite strong under compressional loads. You won't believe your eyes when you see how strong they are.

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Fracture Strength of Chalk

[M | t+ | ★]
Chalk rod subjected to tensile and compressive loads.

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Creep of Lead

[M | t+ | ★]
Lead rod subjected to tensile load.

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Foam Rubber Beams

[S| t+ | —]
The structural strength of these I-beams is easily made evident with small loads.

Hooke's Law and Young's Modulus

[L | t+ | —]
Both can be determined by stretching a long wire with weights.

Collapsible Cow

[L | t+ | ★★★]
Scaling of wooden cow, simply and Nature's way.

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