Newton's Third Law

Reaction Carts/Gliders

[L | t+ | —]
Twin back-to-back spring loaded carts on track or gliders on airtrack.

Reaction on Conveyor Track

[L | t+ | ★★★]
Two volunteers sit on a conveyor track. Even if just one person pushes the other, both people move away from the interaction.

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Reactionary Roadbed

[L | t+ | ★★]
Radio controlled car moves one way while road moves the other.

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Air/water Rocket

[M | t |— ]
The choice of propellant for this toy rocket makes a huge difference in thrust.

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Rocket Car

[L | t+ | —]
Single seat CO2 powered rocket cars.

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Reverse Sprinkler

[M | t | ★★★★]
Which direction does a lawn sprinkler spin if water enters the nozzle, rather than being expelled from the nozzle? Instead of water, the fluid in this working model is air.

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Hero's Engine

[M | t+ | —]
A Cylindrical boiler with tangential steam jets spins on its axis.

Repulsive Symmetry

[S | t | —]
A pair of horseshoe magnets symmetrically repel each other as observed on OHP.

Sailboat Reaction Cart

[M | t | —]
A motorized fan mounted on a reaction cart blows air into a "sail" which is also mounted on the cart. Which way will the cart move?

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