Simple Harmonic (and non-harmonic) Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion Demonstrator

[S | t | ★★]
Relation between circular motion and linear displacement on overhead projector.

[In-Depth Description]

Circular Motion and Simple Harmonic Motion

[L | t+ | ★★★]
Simultaneous shadow projection of circular motion and bouncing weight on spring.

[In-Depth Description]

Masses on Springs

[S/M | t++ | —]
Numerous combinations of springs and masses to show vertical oscillation.

Skyhook Pendulum

[M | t+ | —]
A simple pendulum hung from the ceiling of a lecture hall.

Physical Pendulum

[M | t | ★★]
A rigid rod executes simple harmonic motion about an adjustable pivot point.

[In-Depth Description]

Reversible (Kater's) Pendulum

[M | t | ★★]
A physical pendulum with two adjustable knife edges for an accurate determination of "g".

[In-Depth Description]

Non-uniform Physical Pendulum

[M | t | ★]
Half wood and half metal physical pendulum with suspension points at both ends.

[In-Depth Description]

Cycloidal Pendulum

[M | t+ | ★★]
A pendulum is made to swing on a cycloidal path thereby making it isochronous, regardless of amplitude.

Torsional Pendulum

[M | t | ★★★]
Oscillation of mass on wire in torsional mode of oscillation.

[In-Depth Description]

Torsional Cube Pendulum

[M | t | —]
A torsional pendulum with a cubic mass; by suspending the cube along various symmetry axes, the moment(s) of inertia can be verified.

Pendulum Waves

[S | t | ★★★★]
Fifteen independent pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and (seemingly) random motion.

[In-Depth Description]

Damped Mass-Spring Oscillator

[M | t+ | —]
Vertical mass-spring oscillator which can be driven at various frequencies with and without damping.

Driven Damped Oscillator

[L | t+ | ★★★]
Single air track glider, with and without variable frequency driver, variable damping, and oscilloscope position vs. time display.

[In-Depth Description]

Air Track Oscillator

[L | t++ | ★★★]
Sonar position sensor tracks motion of oscillating air track glider, and LogerPro calculates corresponding velocity and acceleration.

Mass with Two Vertical Springs

[M | t | —]
Normal modes of vibration of a single mass with three degrees of freedom.

Tuning Forks

[M | t | ★★]
Selection of mounted tuning forks and rubber hammer.

[In-Depth Description]

x3 oscillator

[L | t++ | —]
An oscillator whose restoring force is not proportional its displacement; air-track and air-table versions for 1 and 2-dimensions.

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