Standing Waves

Wave Speed

[L | t+ | —]
The speed of sound in an aluminum rod is determined by measuring its frequency and the length of the rod.

Shive Wave Machine

[M | t | ★★★★]
Rods attached to metal spine; transverse wave generator shows the reflection of waves free, fixed, terminated and transition boundaries.

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Driven Rope of Wire

[L | t+ | —]
The fundamental as well as many harmonics are seen and heard on a wire driven at various frequencies.

Standing Wave on Long Spring

[M | t | ★★★]
Obtain as many harmonics as your arm can handle.

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Vibrating String

[ M | t+ | ★★★ ]
A 1.5m length of string driven at one end and fixed at the other shows standing waves for various driving frequencies.

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Longitudinal Standing Waves

[M | t+ | —]
A vertically supported slinky is hand-driven to secure longitudinal standing waves.

Standing Wave in Metal Rod

[M | t | ★★★]
An aluminum rod, supported in the middle, rings for a long time in its longitudinal mode.

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Standing Wave on Soap Film

[M | t++ | —]
Normal modes of vibration on a soap film are acoustically excited.

Resonant Fountain Tube

[L | t+ | ★★★★]
Standing sound waves in a glass pipe are made evident by the fountains of kerosene inside the pipe.

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Standing Waves in a Tube

[M | t+ | —]
A glass tube is tuned to set up a standing wave for the particular excitation frequency.


[M | t | —]
A corrugated plastic tube sings as it is swung about.

Bunsen Burner Glass Tubes

[M | t+ | —]
White noise from hot turbulent air turns glass tubes into awesome organ pipes.

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Chladni Plates

[S | t+ | ★★★★]
Accumulation of sand at nodes of vibrating plate reveals resonance patterns.

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Big Chladni Plate

[L | t++ | ★★★ ]
Electromagnetically driven plate to show two dimensional modes of vibration.

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Ring of Fire

[M | t++ | ★★★★]
deBroglie wavelength nλ=2πr shown by gas flame in a torus.

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Ripple Tank Wave Phenomena

[L | t+ | —]
Interference patterns of water waves generated by different sources at adjustable frequency.

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